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Thank you for visiting! I have exciting news! I am growing as an artist and as a brand. Please check out my new website, THE ILLUMINATION STUDIO for exclusive updates on my artwork. Visit Don't forget to submit your email to receive my weekly VIP newsletter, The SpotLight- the best way to stay updated. The SpotLight is your opportunity to view my latest available work and purchase first. Receive VIP member discounts and premium pricing. Receive access to my 30-60 Day Reserve Program known as The LightBOX. You can still find me on Instagram (now known as @the_illumination_studio); however, as a VIP member- it's going to be less about IG posts and more about champagne toasts! Oh, and VIP membership is always free! I'm offering a personal experience within the art community like you've never seen before! It's genuine engagement. It's still about my art and even more about how it connects to YOU. I look forward to you joining me on this journey! And remember to sign up for, The SpotLight. The best way to stay updated. Sign up today.

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